Cassandra Shober - Investment in Education is Critical for South Jersey


Cassandra Shober Reveals Just How Damaging to Women our Current House of Representatives Has Been

Highlight - Watch Cassandra's Passionate Appeal for Respecting Our Veterans and Providing Support

Learn More About the Issues Important to South Jersey

Jobs - Our District and our Country need to be focused on innovation, creating more opportunities for jobs, manufacturing and economic growth in South Jersey.

Education - Our responsibility for education spans early childhood programs all the way through grant and student loan programs for our young adults.

Veterans - As your Congresswoman, I will make the needs of our veterans a high priority. Anything less would be a betrayal of those who have served our country so valiantly.

Women's Issues - Women want equal pay for equal work and the right to legal protection when they are discriminated against.

Cassandra Shober supports women’s rights; Congressman LoBiondo does not.

LoBiondo Out of Touch – Can’t Find His Own District On The Map

Missing Something Frank? Like, part of your district?

LoBiondo 'Uncertain' on His District's Map

Frank LoBiondo seems not to know the details of the Second Congressional District. In the section of his website titled, “Our District,” he continues to post a map that displays the wrong boundaries. See the CORRECT MAP of the 2nd Congressional District here . . .

Frank LoBiondo Running Scared - Won't Debate His Record at a Public Forum

This week, the current Republican congressman, Frank LoBiondo, formally refused to debate your Democratic Congressional Candidate, Cassandra Shober, at the Hughes Center for Public Policy at Richard Stockton College of New Jersey.
Congressman LoBiondo, again, is trying to fly under the radar so that he does not have to defend his failed representation of the people of the 2nd Congressional District. Read More

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